At present it is very common to find the news of sexual harassment and rep in the dailies. Is very shameful to our nation that when we unfold the newspaper we have to read the news of rape and sexual harassment. Even it is found that a child aged between 5-10 is being raped by a man aged between 20-40. How inferior we are! Hearing such kind of news our hearts gets wrenched. The question arises the in wind. Are we human being? Are we the best creature of universe? Is it the task of the best creature?

Violence against women is a major problem all over the world. A survey shows that in America two out of each five women aged between 18-30 are raped. The matter of the rapists are their next of kin! Another survey shows that in India three girls become the victim of daily on average. And the age of rapist is with between 17-24. What a awful news! But the incident which has touched the heart of the people of  the world is the pathetic death of a medical college student caused by gang rape. She was coming back at home at night from a cinema with her male friend. On the bus she had become the victim of rape. After rape she along with her male friend were thrown on the street from the running bus out of the window.
Women in Bangladesh are suffering from the same agonies. Women are being embarrassed in public everyday. When women talk through a busy place, market or pavement, a section of men always try to grope her body!! Some men observe women with a licentious look! It is not only the young men but elderly ones who commit such heinous crimes as well. The brutality against a school girl in Tangail only a few days ago testifies to the fact. According to a study done by Bangladesh national lawyer’s association. 90 percent of girls aged between 10-18 are victims of sexual harassment. Now the question may rise what are the form of sexual harassment? According to the guidelines of the high court, any unwelcomed sexually determined behavior is sexual harassment. That includes indecent gesture, teasing through abusive language, stalking, making lewd comments, insult through letters, telephone calls, SMS, cartoon, factories, classrooms, washrooms having sexual implication, taking still or video photographs for the purpose of blackmailing and character assassination, preventing participation in sports, cultural organizational and academic activities on the ground of sex or for the purpose of sexual harassment. Exerting pressure or posing threats in case of refusal of love proposal and attempt to establish a sexual relation by intimidation, deception or false assurance also fall under the banner of sexual harassment.
Sexual harassment is not new in our country. But at present it has been increasing at an alarming rate. But what are the reasons behind it? Some reasons have been indentified:
# Moral downfall of our young generation.
#To watch sex-related film, obscene reality show.
#Tendency of following Western and Indian culture.
#Bad impact of satellite TV channels.
#Lack of moral guidelines in the family.
#To wear indecent dress by girls.
#Keeping bad company, taking drugs.
When a teenager or young person watch obscene films, reality show or any program related to obscenity, these create a bad impact on their min. In the Indian or Western films even in Bangla films, heroinappetes are found in a very short dress. They try their best to spread their sex appeal among the spectators by various kinds of body gesture! By watching these, spectators vote then to select the most sexy appealing women. These awake the obscure sexual appetite of our young and allure them indirectly to practice sexual harassment or rape to their contrary gender. Believe it or not but it’s the bitter truth.
Almost every day we find the news of rape or sexual harassment in the dailies. But what is the attitude of our society to girls who become the victim of rape or sexual harassment. Does the society treat them in a good way? Probably the answer which will come is negative. Sometimes it is thought that there was fault in the girl’s character an attempt to accuse the girls instead of the stalker or rapist. It is suggested by the police to women that if the victim feels any threat to lose her life during rape by the rapist, she should not try to create any hindrance to the rapist. Let him finish his task without any hindrance!! But if she does not create any hindrance during rape and goes to file a case against the rapist then the police asks her where is the proof of creating a hindrance during rape? If you didn’t have any will for rape you would create a hindrance during rape. It proves that you were interested to become a victim of rape! Sometimes the victim does not want to express the matter of sexual harassment and rape to avoid such kind of harassment and because of public shame. So it can be said undoutly that our society is not favorable to the victims. If a person steals something from a house then he is one who gets bashed up. The owner of the house is not accused! Then why does our society still put some sort of responsibility on girls for being harassed?

Violence against women is a shame for a nation and also a punishable shame. So we all should raise our voice against stalkers and rapists. We have laws but there is a lack in implementation of take necessary steps to stop violence against women. Obscene films and programs telecast on TV should be banned by law. Exemplary punishment should be ensured those who committed such heinous crime. The girls should come out in decent dress. Alongside these a change in mindset is sexual harassment is not shame for the victim but a crime done by the perpetrator. We have lost many lives for this problem. Now it is time to wake up and arise our voice against sexual harassment and rape. So raise your voice males, raise your voice to protect your own prestige as a male. We don’t want to lose any more lives for such dreadful crimes.