The fruits of Bangladesh

Banglsdesh is rich in various types of fruit. Many kinds of fruits are available here. Among them, the orange, the mango, the lichi, the jack fruit, the guava are the most common their size, color and taste are different. But they all are nutritious . Most of these are seasonal fruits.
There are many kinds of summer fruits. Among . The mango, the jack fruit are very common. These fruits are very tasty to eat and the flavor is very sweet. The mango is called the king of all. The jack fruit is a large kind
of fruit. It is our national fruit. Others are small in size but very sweet.
The pineapple, the guava, the ‘amra’ and so on are the fruits of rainy season. The pineapple grows in plenty in Sylhet and Rangamati. It is a juicy fruit with vitamins. This guava and the amra are very healthy-giving. They provide us vitamin C.
The orange, the olive, the woodapple, the plum are the fruits of winter. The guava and the plum are favouritr to the children.
The banana and the coconut are available throughout the year. The banana of Rampal ana Narsingdi are famous. People take coconut and banana greatly. They are very nutritious and helpful for our health.
Fruits are good. They are rich in food value. They contain a lot of mineral salts and vitamins. We can keep in sound health by eating them in plenty. We can also earn much foreign exchange by exporting fruits.
The fruits of Bangladesh are full of variety. They can help our economy to develop if they are properly preserved. Fruits can be helpful to build up our national health. We should try to grow more fruits.


Television is one of the wonders of modern science. It is the most up-to-date means of entertainment. It provides both sounds and pictures to entertain the viewers. It amuses us with its charms.
A german scientist, Paul Nepkov invented television. Then John Baird modernised it. Basically it is based on electronic photography.
The word ‘tele’ means distance and ‘vision’ means sight. So the word ‘television’ means seeing from distance. Two principles work behind television-transmission of sound and transmission of pictures. It is the combination of audio and video. It has a great likeness to cinema.
We can see the events of the different part of the world through it. Now it is a very common means of entertainment to various classes of people.
The merits of television are very great. It informs us of the current affairs, sports, politics, science, business and other events. it is a good means of communication.
It is the most popular means of entertainment and mass communication. Various dramas, cinemas, musical programs, etc are shown on it.
It is a unique medium to instruct us on various things. It can teach both the illiterate and the literate. Television is a very effective means of advertisements.
Television recreats us greatly. We watch it to enjoy ourselves. It is helpful to remove boredom of our routine work. Common people can easily entertain themselves by watching television.
My favorite TV program is ‘ITTADI’. It is a funny satirical and social reformative program. It is telecast on Friday every three month.
However, it has some abuses as well. Our young boys and girls prefer watching it to studying. They sometimes neglect their studies because of it. Too much viewing and a close viewing of television many cause harm to the eye-sight of the viewers, many children waste their valuable time by watching it.
Television is a great contribution of science to modern life. It entertains as well as instructs us. It has made our life more enjoyable. We should use it wisely.

My childhood memories

Man lives to turn back to his past and feel nostalgic. Childhood is an important part of human life as many events of both pleasure and plain take place during that period.
To me childhood is the sweetest period in a man’s life. The memories of my childhood haunt me like a passion very often. Whenever I feel very lonely or dejected I dive into the memories of my childhood remove my loneliness and fill my heart with happiness. Then I wish I could be a child again!
The memories of my school days dominate my childhood. I was sent to school at six. I studied in a  distant primary school namely Kanchichora Government Primary School upto class two. Then I was made to take my admission un another school called Mathbari Government Primary school. I used to go to school with my village friends. My cousin who was one year senior to me was my constant while we used to play various sports. I was a regular student in my class. So I was hardly beaten or home we used to play ha-du-du, hide and seek, gather plums or stole green mangoes from some trees and sometimes used to bath in stream. I used to flee from school to do those things with my friends. One day I along my friends went to a friend’s house to eat green-plan. But as the tree was long none of us dared to climb up it. So we had to come back in a dissatisfied mind.
In my school I was not a good athlete. Yet I used to take part in various events. Once I got two prizes in race and long-jump. Then I was very excited and happy.
The holidays were favorite to me. On holidays I would like to play with my village friends almost the whole day. Sometimes I would go to some other for play. I also would visit my nearby relatives on holidays.
How happy I was in my childhood days! The happy and pleasant memories of those days still give me pleasure. If I could go back to those days again!