Writing As a skill: From the perspective of a Teacher

English is more than a language.It is a Technology which we must master to compete in the present globalized world and ‘writing’ plays an important role here.Besides, among the four skills, writing is the most difficult and most important skill not only in the academic sector but also in a professional field which requires accuracy and a standard level of writing.Writing is one of the most productive skills.For a second language learner , it is so important to learn how to write in the target language that without knowing it,learning that language is an incomplete effort.According to Anita Pincas,the author of "Writing English"(1982) writing is an instrument of both communication and self-expression.Most people,however especially when writing in a foreign language or second language use it primarily to communicate with other members of their own community or the wider world.

The annual prize giving , Population problem , Duties of a student

The annual prize giving ceremony of our school
Our school arranges a prize giving ceremony in our school every year. On this day, the best boys of every class and the students who do well in various games of spots and cultural activities get prizes.
The prize giving ceremony is very encouraging to all the students. This day inspires the students to become serious in their studies as well as in their

Fruits of Bangladesh, TV & Childhood

The fruits of Bangladesh

Banglsdesh is rich in various types of fruit. Many kinds of fruits are available here. Among them, the orange, the mango, the lichi, the jack fruit, the guava are the most common their size, color and taste are different. But they all are nutritious . Most of these are seasonal fruits.
There are many kinds of summer fruits. Among . The mango, the jack fruit are very common. These fruits are very tasty to eat and the flavor is very sweet. The mango is called the king of all. The jack fruit is a large kind

Sexual Harassment ! Where’s its ends?

At present it is very common to find the news of sexual harassment and rep in the dailies. Is very shameful to our nation that when we unfold the newspaper we have to read the news of rape and sexual harassment. Even it is found that a child aged between 5-10 is being raped by a man aged between 20-40. How inferior we are! Hearing such kind of news our hearts gets wrenched. The question arises the in wind. Are we human being? Are we the best creature of universe? Is it the task of the best creature?

Swami Vivekananda: The Great Teacher & Green house Cyclone

Swami Vivekananda belongs to the class of prophets, who appear on our planet from time to time to deliver a much needed message to humanity. He was not a classroom teacher, but was one of the greatest teachers of mankind like Buddha and Christ, whose teachings contained the principles and philosophy, which are all good educational systems.
Swami Vivekananda the great soul loved and revered in East and West

International mother Language Day & City Life

William Cowper, a famous English poet wrote, ’’God made the country but man made the town.’’ The difference between a rural life and a city life is remarkable. In the village we see the glamour  of nature where God pervades. But the town is man-made artificial thing  and it cut us off from direct contact with nature.
Both the rural life and the city life have their advantages. In rural life we see perfect peace. A